Congratulations to Miriam Bermudez Brito for her MITACS PDF award

Dr. Miriam Bermudez-Brito is post doctoral fellow with Dr. Elena Verdu. She obtained her PhD at the University of Granada in Spain and did a first postdoc at UMC Groningen and Top Institute of Food & Nutrition, in the Netherlands. The main focus of her research is to study the role of host-microbial interactions and gut proteolytic/anti-proteolytic balance that may affect development of sensitivity to food antigens and increase susceptibility to intestinal inflammatory conditions such as celiac disease and ulcerative colitis.

At McMaster, and supported by Mitacs Accelerate Program, Miriam will test the role of a probiotic bacterium B. longum NCC 2705 in the metabolism of dietary proteins that can cause dysregulated inflammatory reactions in the gut such as gluten and amylase trypsin inhibitors. Miria’s studies will enhance the mechanistic knowledge and provide a basis for human trials and a rational application of these probiotic strains together with the industrial partner, Nestle Research Center in Switzerland, in the prevention or treatment of food sensitivities.

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