• Dr. Premysl Bercik recieves the CAG Visiting Research Professorship 2018

    The Canadian Association of Gastroenterologists Visiting Research Professorship is offered to a member of CAG who is a proven teacher and an outstanding researcher.
  • Dr. Paul Moayyedi receives the CAG Research Excellence Award 2018

    The Canadian Association of Gastroenterologists Research Excellence Award is awarded to a member of the CAG who has made an outstanding contribution to gastroenterology through basic and/or clinical research.
  • BASEF fair winner thanks the Farncombe

    Liam McGrath wrote us a kind note thanking us for support of this year’s BASEF science fair. Here’s an excerpt from his letter: “BASEF was a wonderful experience for me! I really enjoyed meeting all the other contestants…and explaining the results of my project. Thank you again for your support. You helped make BASEF a huge success! I hope you continue to support youth science in the future” Congratulations again Liam!
  • Deb Sloboda is helping with Hamilton’s poverty reduction initiative

    A delegation formed by Dr. Sloboda supported discussion about early life investments for poverty reduction within Hamilton City Council this April. See the full story on CBC news here
  • Valentine’s Day BAKE SALE

    Once again we will support Crohn’s and Colitis Canada by participating in the Gutsy Walk on June 4th. To start things off we will be hosting a Valentine’s Day BAKE SALE on Feb 14th from 9-noon in the Farncombe Atrium. Volunteer bakers are needed!
  • Dr. Stearns is named the inaugural Farncombe Family Chair in Microbial Ecology and Bioinformatics

    Dr. Jennifer Stearns, a new addition to the Farncombe faculty, has been named the Farncombe Family Chair in Microbial Ecology and Bioinformatics. Her lab focuses on microbial succession in the infant gastrointestinal tract and her approach uses molecular methods, microbial culture and bioinformatics to study how the microbiota contributes to infant development and long term health.
  • Jasmine Dong received a CIHR MSc award

    Jasmine Dong received a student CIHR MSc award for her research “Microbial Proteolytic Activity and Intestinal Inflammation”.
  • Justin McCarville awarded Early Career Award at DDW 2016

    Justin McCarville received the prestigious “Early career award for outstanding research contribution” by the American Association of Gastroenterology at the DDW 2016 sessions held in San Diego. His research objective was to investigate the innate immune triggers that contribute to the development of atrophy in celiac disease. Justin has identified microbiota from celiac patients that induce innate immune changes characteristic of celiac disease. He was selected among other young students and recognized by the AAG after his outstanding oral presentation on his findings.
  • IBD research is changing lives

    The Glob and Mail highlights recent advancements in IBD research here at McMaster that are improving the lives of patients living with the disease. See Penny’s story here.
  • George Wright awarded the NSERC Alexander Graham Bell Canada Scholarship

    Effective May 1st 2016, George Wright’s NSERC scholarship will be upgraded to the Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarship – Doctoral (CGS D). This scholarship will allow him to continue with his study of the electrical activity of mouse colonic smooth muscle, which aims to identify the stimuli that activate different kinds of motor activity.