Functional GI Disease


Paul Moayyedi was involved in a large National Institute of Health funded multicentre randomized controlled trial of antidepressant therapy in functional dyspepsia led by the Mayo clinic. Premsyl Bercik has conducted a phase 2 randomized trial assessing a novel probiotic in patients with mood disorders and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and recently completed a pilot study showing the ability of a probiotic bacterium to improve depression in patients with IBS. He has also led a CIHR funded study that has evaluated a cohort of patients with IBS and correlated changes in symptoms with changes in the gut micro biome. John Marshall and Stephen Collins led a series of investigations on the impact of the large outbreak of water poisoning in the town of Walkerton, Ontarion and the development of post-infectious IBS. These studies described the epidemiology, pathophysiology and genetic predisposition to PI-IBS over an 8 year period.

People working in this area

Relevant Papers

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