Darlene McCann is the new Institute Administrator

darleneWe would like to welcome Darlene McCann as the new Administrator of the Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute. Darlene has worked at McMaster University for over 12 years, first in the office of the Dean & Vice-President, Faculty of Health Sciences, and then in the office of the Associate Dean, Research, FHS. She was the Executive Assistant to Dr. Stephen Collins in his role as ADR for 11 years.

As Administrator of the Farncombe Institute Darlene is responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining the efficient operation of the Institute. She will ensure that the financial and administrative support needs of the Institute are met. Darlene will support the Farncombe Institute Executive Committee and Scientific Advisory Board; the BioPharm Program, the Farncombe GI Noon Rounds and the Research in Progress meetings. Darlene will be the liaison between Institute members and Health Research Services, as well as liaising with Human Resources.

Darlene says that she is looking forward to the challenges this new position will bring and to working with such a diverse group of people. Although she has only been with the Farncombe Institute since July, she already feels very welcomed here.

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