Quality Measures in Gastroenterology


David Armstrong was the first lead for the Quality Practice Committee of the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology.  This has been a driving force in quality improvement in endoscopy across Canada.  This has been achieved through developing a Canadian Global Rating Scale (adapted from the UK GRS) that evaluates quality of the endoscopy service provided.  This has been adopted in many endoscopy units throughout Canada and is a major driver in improving quality.  This committee has also developed upskilling courses in endoscopy as well as train-the-trainer courses to improve endoscopy skills in gastroenterologist throughout Canada.  This group also developed the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology Consensus Guidelines on Safety and Quality Indicators in Endoscopy

Paul Moayyedi has now taken over the lead for the Quality of Practice Committee and is encouraging the development of quality indicators in other areas such as inflammatory bowel disease.

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