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Gairdner | Farncombe Symposium

Farncombe Family Digestive Research Institute is very excited to announce our partnership with the Gairdner Foundation in a joint effort to bring to Hamilton the first Gairdner-Farncombe Symposium “The Intestinal Microbiome – Beyond Associations and into the Clinic”.

The symposium will take place on November 24, 2016, at the The David Braley Health Science Centre.

Under the direction of Dr. Stephen Collins — Director at Farncombe Family Digestive Health Research Institute — and Dr. Janet Rossant — President & CEO Gairdner Foundation — we have gathered world renowned experts in intestinal health and the microbiome.

The Gairdner Foundation celebrates excellence in biomedical research and recognizes top researchers for ground-breaking discoveries. We are thrilled to partner with them to bring you this exciting symposium to highlight important advances in gastrointestinal health research and therapies based on the microbiome specifically.

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