Talks & Seminars

Research in Progress is held every Wednesday morning at 9 am sharp in the Farncombe Atrium. Noon rounds is held in the same place each Wednesday at 12 noon. The Farncombe Atrium is located left of the blue elevators on the third floor of the Health Sciences Centre (Hospital).

Fall 2017

Date Name Position Supervisor
Sep-13 Elena Verdu
Sep-20 Kate Kennedy PhD Student Dr. Sloboda
Sep-27 Bruno Lamas Postdoc Dr. Verdu
Oct-4 Marc Louis-Auguste MSc Student Drs. Collins/Bercik
Oct-11 Trevor Lau PhD Student Dr. Schertzer
Oct-18 Jessica Breznik PhD Student Drs. Bowdish/Sloboda
Oct-25 Chiko Shimbori Postdoc Drs. Collins/Bercik
Nov-1 Ophelie Quellier MSc Student Dr. Surette
Nov-8 Luna ElDakiky MSc Student Dr. Stearns
Nov-15 Kevin Foley Post-Doctoral Fellow Dr. Schertzer
Nov-22 Rachelle Szymkiewicz MSc Student Dr. Surette
Nov-29 Natalia Breyner Postdoc Drs. Collins/Bercik
Dec-6 Alex Vincent MSc Student Dr. Huizinga

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Institution
Sept-20 Alan Barkun McGill University
Sept-27 Gideon Hirschfield University of Birmingham
Oct-4 Stephen Collins Farncombe Institute McMaster University
Oct-11 Etienne Sibille Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Oct-18 Jon Draper Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute McMaster University
Oct-25 Ines Pinto Sanchez Farncombe Institute McMaster University
Nov-1 Alexander Hynes Farncombe Institute McMaster University
Nov-8 Jennifer Stearns Farncombe Institute McMaster University
Nov-15 Ann Griffiths The Hospital for Sick Children
Nov-22 Jan Huizinga Farncombe Institute McMaster University
Nov-29 Phillip Karpowicz University of Windsor
Dec-6 TBD
Dec-13 Holiday Rounds

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