McMaster University

McMaster University

John L. Wallace, PhD, MBA, FRSC

John Wallace

Professor, Department of Medicine

Year of appointment: 2009

Research Areas

John L. Wallace is a Professor in the Department of Medicine at McMaster University and a pharmacologist with expertise in the commercialization of new technology.


I am particularly interested in identification of novel targets for anti-inflammatory therapies, and the subsequent development of such therapies.  I was a scientific co-founder of NicOx, a company based in France which is developing nitric oxide-releasing derivatives of several classes of drugs. More recently, I founded Antibe Therapeutics Inc., which is developing hydrogen sulfide-releasing derivatives of drugs for inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome and endothelial dysfunction.

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Selected Publications

  • Vong L, Ferraz JGP, Panaccione R, Wallace JL. A pro-resolution mediator, prostaglandin D2, is specifically up-regulated in individuals in long-term remission from ulcerative colitis. Proc Natl Acad Sci 2010; 107: 12023-12027. PDF
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