High school student gets first author paper in the flagship journal of the British Physiological Society

Ruihan Wei, a grade 11 student at Hillfield Strathallan College in Hamilton, has showed that he’s ready for the next wave of methodologies to reveal mechanisms underlying body functions and disease. Brain research is leading the way but research in network physiology is needed for every body function. Mathematical modelling is needed for the understanding of complex networks, which is where Ruihan has excelled. His paper on network properties of interstitial cells of Cajal is set to increase our understanding of the role of pacemaker networks in creating motor patterns in the intestine. Notably, after Sean Parsons and Jan got him going, Ruihan did all the experiments himself that created the publication in the journal Experimental Physiology, and the whole Huizinga lab is proud of his accomplishments and welcomes him back the coming summer.

See the publication summary here

Wei, Ruihan, Sean P. Parsons, and Jan D. Huizinga. “Network properties of interstitial cells of Cajal affect intestinal pacemaker activity and motor patterns, according to a mathematical model of weakly coupled oscillators.” Experimental Physiology (2017).

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