McMaster Genomics Facility

This state of the art sequencing facility is located within the Farncombe institute.  Next generation sequencing technology includes Illumina HiSeq 1500, and MiSeq sequencers, and a Roche 454 pyrosequencer.  The facility also has access to Ion PGM and Ion Proton sequencers. Standard ABI Sanger sequencing is also provided.  This technology is support by an expert staff with experience in library construction for genomics, metagenomics and RNA transcriptomics, as well as amplicon sequencing for microbiome profiling. The facility also provides nCounter Nanostring services for targeted transcriptional profiling of diverse biological samples.  The facility also offers fee for service bioinformatics support.

We can help you

Expert advice in design of microbiome and other sequencing projects, recommend sequencing strategies and protocols.

What we offer

Full range of DNA sequencing technologies

We can sequence your prepared libraries or we can provide full service library construction, sequencing and analysis.*

Preliminary microbiome analysis and genome assemblies

The facility has extensive experience with 16S bacterial profiling, genomics, metagenomics, transcriptomics, metatranscriptomics


*The facility only processes nucleic acids samples, if you require nucleic acid extractions of your samples, this service can be provided through the Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Microbiome Research

Contact us:

Christine King, Manager


Dr. Michael Surette, Director


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