Undergraduate Student Awards

A rich research environment here in the Farncombe Institute is fostering exciting research opportunities for undergraduate students. Here we highlight and congratulate a number of students who will join research labs for the summer and beyond.

Christian Bellissimo has just completed his undergrad thesis in Dr. Deb Slaboda‘s lab. He has been awarded an Ontario Graduate Scholarship to start a PhD in the fall working on the impact of maternal obesity on the host and microbe relationships during pregnancy.

christine_chowChristine Chow is a 4th year student in theBiomedical Discovery and Commercialization and has won a Cystic Fibrosis Canada Summer Studentship in the lab of Dr. Michael Surette. Her project is  the characterization of secretion systems in the Streptococcus milleri group.



Carolina Duque will work in the lab of Dr. Elena Verdu. She has been awarded a 2017 CCC-CAG Summer Student Scholarship Award to work on isolation of bacterial strains from the colon of patients with ulcerative colitis and determination of bacterial proteolytic activity.




Richa John is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Health Science Program. She has been awarded a BHSc (Honours) Program Summer 2017 Research Scholarship also in the Surette lab to study bacterial interactions and small molecules.



Clara Long is a fourth year student Bachelor of Health Science student and has been awarded a BHSc Honours Program Summer 2017 Research Scholarship. She’ll complete work on bacterial fermentation of specific dietary components in the infant gut in the lab of Dr. Jennifer Stearns.




Parsa Mehraban Far is a 3rd year Bachelor of Health Science student at McMaster. He has been awarded an NSERC Undergraduate Scholarship to work in Dr. Wali Khan‘s lab this summer on the interaction of serotonin with PPAR-gamma in antimicrobial peptide production.

Andrea Tench



Joo Yung (Jeff) Park is a fourth year student in the Bachelor of Health Sciences program. He has won a 2017 Ivan Beck Memorial Summer Studentship Award to study the gluten metabolic capacity of bacteria isolated from the duodenum of healthy subjects and patients with celiac disease, with Dr. Elena Verdu.

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