Emeritus Professor, Department of Medicine


  • Pathophysiology of acid related disorders
  • Clinical pharmacology of treatment of gastrointestinal disease


At the basic level, studies include the physiological control of the parietal and chief cell, and the muscularis mucosae and more recently the immunophysiological interactions and cytokines involved in Helicobacter pylori infection. At the clinical level, research is focused on the pharmacology of treatment and the management strategies for all acid related disorders and especially Helicobacter pylori infection. Applied studies investigate the optimal control of acid secretion by 24 hour intra-gastric pH monitoring and other pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic effects as well as drug disposition studies. Extensive clinical trials are also conducted in PUD and GERD. The clinical group also applies extensive meta-analysis techniques to trials of treatment in ulcer related disease. Recent clinical studies of the gut-brain-gut axis have studied the role of the afferent and efferent nervous system employing evoked potentials from the esophagus recorded from the vagus nerve and EEG mapping.

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