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Distinguished McMaster Alumni

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Sheila Crowe Past President American Gastroenterological Association
Roland Valori Colorectal cancer lead for National Cancer Registration and Analysis Service UK
Giovanni Barbara Department of Digestive Diseases/ Internal Medicine, University of Bologna, Italy
Bruce Vallance Professor, Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Pediatrics, UBC
Jean-Eric Ghia Professor, Department of Immunology, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg
Colin Howden Professor of Medicine, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
Javier Santos Professor of Medicine, Digestive Diseases Research Unit, Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona
Dana Philpott Professor, Department of Immunology, University of Toronto
Mark Swain Professor of Medicine, Head of Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
Cal Wenzel Family Foundation Chair in Hepatology, University of Calgary
Kevan Jacobson Professor of Pediatrics, B.C.’s Children’s Hospital and Research Institute
Ken Croitoru Professor of Medicine, Mount Sinai Hospital, University of Toronto
Fergus Shanahan Professor of Medicine, University College, Cork. Founder of APC Microbiome, Ireland
Cory Hogaboam Professor of Medicine and Research Scientist,Cedars-Sinai, L.A. USA
Leonardo Marzio Professor of Gastroenterology, University Of Chieti, Italy
Gert Van Assche Professor of Medicine, University of Leuven, Belgium
Markus Gueking Associate Professor, Dept of Immunology, University of Calgary
Jen Lau Principal Scientist, Axial Therapeutics
Fiona Whelan Lecturer, Anne McLaren Research Fellow, University of Nottingham
Pat Schenck Program Manager, Weston Family Microbiome Initiative, Weston Foundation
Steve Bernier Scientific Advisor, Venture Capital, Life Sciences at Fonds de Solidarité FTQ
Alex Ford Professor of Gastroenterology, Leeds University
Zain Kassam CMO of OpenBiome and cofounder of Finch
Reena Khanna Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Western, Ontario
Siegfried Hapfelmeier Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Research and Gut Microbiology, Institute for Infectious Diseases, University of Bern
Derek McKay Professor and Director of Snyder Institute, University of Calgary
Emma Wetter-Slack Professor, Department of Health Sciences and Technology, Zürich, Switzerland
Gwee Kok Ann Adjunct Associate Professor of Medicine, National University of Singapore
Michelle Wiepjes Assistant Professor, Halifax University, Nova Scotia
John Ramage Professor, Kings College, London, UK
Chris De Gara Professor and Senator, University of Alberta
Sander Van Zanten Professor of Medicine, University of Alberta
John Malysz Associate Professor, Physiology and Cell Biology, University of Nevada, USA
Rosa Serio Professor, University of Palermo, Italy
Areles Molleman Professor, Head of Division of BioScience, University of
Hertfordshire, UK
Raul Loera Valencia Assistant Professor, Tecnológico de Monterrey Chihuahua, Mexico
Sean Parsons S,S,O. Arete Medical Technologies, Cambridge,  England
Tara Der Anesthesiologist and Scientist, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto
Natalia Zarate Gastroenterologist and Scientist, Cleveland Clinic, London
Elisabeth Persaud Associate Director Research, Health Economics EVERSANA
Shahzad Syed Jr Group Leader, Faculty of Medicine, Goethe-University, Frankfurt
Marcus Manoc CCO, VERAXA Biotech GmbH, Ontario, Canada


John Bienenstock Distinguished University Professor, Professor of Immunology. A founding member of the Intestinal Diseases Research Unit in 1983 that ultimately led to the establishment of the Farncombe Institute (see History).
Edwin Daniel Professor of Pharmacology and leader of Smooth Muscle Program. A founding member of the Intestinal Diseases Research Unit in 1983 that ultimately led to the establishment of the Farncombe Institute (see History).
Jan Irvine Professor of Medicine, University of Toronto. Dr. Jan Irvine did her research training at McMaster and was on faculty before eventually moving to Toronto. She developed a universal IBD QOL questionnaire that has been translated into many languages and has been a much used tool in IBD research. She passed before her time and is well remembered by the IBD community.
Carlos Barajas Professor and Head of the Division of Molecular Biology of the Potosino, Institute of Scientific and Technological Research, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
Patricia Blenerhassett Trish was the Chief Technician for the Intestinal Diseases Research Unit and during the early years of the Institute. She passed long before her time and has been sorely missed
Gervais Tougas Dr. Gervais Tougas became part of the original Intestinal Diseases Research Unit and was an expert in neurophysiology and motility. He later moved on to a highly successful career with Novartis in Basel, Switzerland, holding the title of Global Head, Chief Medical Office and Patient Safety within the Global Drug Development. He will be missed by friends and colleagues.
David Armstrong Professor of Medicine, Douglas Family Chair in GI Nutrition, McMaster University
John Marshall Professor of Medicine, Head of Gastroenterology
Premsyl Bercik Professor of Medicine, Richard Hunt Chair in Gastroenterlogy, McMaster University
Waliul Khan Professor, Department of Pathology & Molecular Medicine, McMaster University
Elena Verdu Professor of Medicine, Canada Research Chair I in Inflammation, Microbiota and Nutrition McMaster University
Alberto Caminero Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Ines Pinto Sanchez Associate Professor, Department of Medicine
Jen Stearns Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine
Giada de Palma Assistant Professor (Part Time), Department of Medicine
Heather Galipeau Assistant Professor (Part Time), Department of Medicine